Monday, November 10, 2014

How do we know students are understanding?

As a parent, I remember a conversation I had with our oldest daughter when she was in 8th grade.  We were having a discussion about "stepping up and being a leader" in regards to making good choices, even when some of her peers were not.  Imagine my surprise when my daughter turned around and said to me, "I don't know what you mean by that!"  I calmly responded, "By what?"  In her 14 year old way she responded back, "Being a leader -- I don't know what you mean!"

Parenting Reality Check #1007:  How could our daughter not know what a "leader" was?  Hadn't we taught her?  Hadn't we modeled for her?  Hadn't we lectured to her?  

As I look back on it now, I find it funny how those adolescent years provide many of those "reality checks" for us as parents.  But, I also recall when we were in the midst of parenting our adolescent daughters -- I don't remember finding anything funny about our daughters not understanding what we wanted them to understand.  It's a lot more fun to share these moments now, then it was to live them!

Speaking of sharing, two of our elementary staff and one of our high school staff recently shared some information with our #BCTLT.  Sherrie Collins (a 5th grade teacher at Norway Elementary) shared a blog on how we as educators can check for our students understanding in a variety of ways.  Sara Hartman (a 4th grade teacher at Atkins Elementary) shared results of her students on FAST and Progress Monitoring.  Take a look at the growth students in her class are making.  

Kory Winsor (a High School Social Studies teacher learned about blogging from Anna Upah (a 1st grade teacher at Van Horne Elementary) during our PD on November 5.  Check out what both of them are doing with blogging in their classrooms and promoting understanding with their students and parents of students.  

One more plug for this post:  "How about those UNI Panthers!!!!!!"  What a great win this last weekend and BC has two great connections to UNI Panther Athletics.  Robert Rathje (@PapaRathje72 is starting center) and Tommy Zittergruen (@TZProductions8 is on the camera crew) are both BC Grads!

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