Friday, April 10, 2015

I Appreciate.... Thoughts from a Veteran Teacher


Reflections from a Veteran Teacher   

What do I appreciate?
I appreciate working at the same school for thirty years and loving it.
I appreciate kids who say thank you and work hard, spending long hours practicing.
I appreciate meeting the parents who show up for parent-teacher conferences, attend activities, sporting events, and musicals, and say thanks for working with their kids.
I appreciate custodians who clean up the messes we make each day with a smile and a kind word as we leave the building.
I appreciate being lead by a school board who is not afraid to make the tough decisions to keep a district strong.
I appreciate having the support of a superintendent who cares about what is best for kids.
I appreciate collaborating with a team of teacher leaders who listen to each other, laugh together, push themselves to be better every day, show support and encouragement when situations become frustrating, are not afraid to try new things, can work hard and long without complaining, and who really care about each other.
I appreciate administrators who listen and do their best to support and encourage, who take hiring new teachers seriously, and who back up a teacher who has discipline issues with a student.
I appreciate principals who have an open door policy and stop what they are doing to listen, even when they have had a busy or rough day.
I appreciate working with staff who care about kids.
I appreciate teacher friends who are excited to eat in the lounge and share war stories over lunch.
I appreciate staff who invite me into their rooms to collaborate and create rubrics so kids can be more successful.
I appreciate staff who sit through professional development and say, “Thanks. I learned something today.”
I appreciate teachers who ask why, and challenge my thinking, so I can challenge them in return.
I appreciate teachers who step up to be leaders.
I appreciate new teachers, many of them former students, who come back to teach with me so I can watch them grow into leaders and parents and school board members who care.
I appreciate working in the same school district for thirty years and loving it.
I appreciate being a Benton Community Bobcat.

Lois Deerberg 4/8/15

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