Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Moving into Year 2 of #BCTLT

John Hattie  in his research entitled Visible Learning has given educators much to reflect and act upon in regards to what factors have the most impact on student learning.  

In this video he reflects on how his thinking has changed on student reported grades and how important it is that we have high expectations for our students and not let them settle for anything less than what they are capable of.  

Much like Hattie changed his thinking as he learned and reflected, moving into year two and planning for #BCTLT,  we knew we wanted to refine the application and interview process @BentonCSD for teacher leadership positions.  As we planned for and thought about the application and interview refinement process, we bounced an idea around with the administrative team we learned about from @LionLeaders

#BCTLT, along with LinnMar and other school districts, had shared some of their interview processes at the Effective Hiring Practices workshop hosted by @IowaSEA and @sai_iowa in February.  LinnMar required a presentation from each candidate being interviewed for their teacher leadership positions.  

LinnMar's idea was for each candidate to showcase their abilities within the job description they were interviewing with some type of presentation.  We added a small tweak from LinnMar to our presentation requirements and asked each candidate to share how they would "value add" to the #BCTLT.  

This change was one that threw some of our potential candidates a curve ball.  After opening up our application process, our superintendent, @GZittergruen shared with me the following:   "The quick initial reaction is "what does this mean" and "what do you want to see"!  Seems like value added may have more of a context in the business community than the educational community?  According to the Urban Dictionary website:  value added means:  A business euphemism for "the reason I'd like you to think I'm useful."

Fast forward a few weeks, with interviews completed, the review council was blow away by the depth of reflection and the level of "usefulness" our teachers shared during the interview process.   

As we move into year two with TLC implementation knowing we are on a journey of continuous improvement.

Below are portions of some of the presentations shared with us.  Thanks to those who were willing to not only share with the review council, but also for our blog.



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