Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leaving a Legacy: Denise Nottger

Appreciating our teachers is an important piece of the education puzzle that often gets overlooked.  Hearing how teachers have impacted the students they teach everyday, helps inspire them to keep going.  For over 181 years, 5 teachers at Benton Community have inspired their students to reach higher, become better, push further than they could imagine.  Today, we want to highlight another teacher to say "Thank You" from students, staff, and myself for everything you have done to make us better!

"People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel."
-Maya Angelou

As a teacher, you often hope your students will listen to every word you say and remember all the great lessons you taught.  Unfortunately, few students remember the amazing homework assignment you created or the perfect lecture you gave in class.  Instead, they remember the way you made them feel.  In eighth grade Language Arts, Mrs. Nottger makes each student feel like they are the most important person in the room.  What sets her apart from other teachers is her positive attitude that helps her finds the good in every student.  She is easy to talk with yet helps students dream big and set their goals high.  She is not just their teacher, but she is their friend.  She cares about their success long after they leave her classroom.  You can often find high school students wandering down to check in with Mrs. Nottger.  She is a role model for both students and teachers.  She has helped remind me to slow down and listen with the heart when students talk.  

Mrs. Nottger's passion does not end with her students, but carries over to her subject matter.  Mrs. Nottger has an intense love for reading and writing.  She is passionate about her mythology and holocaust units and helps students uncover their passions as well.  She shares her love for her family and the New York Yankees with her students.  When students walk out of her classroom door for the final time in eighth grade, they feel like they really know Mrs. Nottger.  She has taken the time to get to know them and she has found a way to touch their hearts.  She makes Language Arts fun!  She is an amazing teacher, but an even better person.  I need to find a way to include a little more Mrs. Nottger in my teaching style.  I need to remember to help each student feel like they are someone special and take the time to get to know what they bring to the classroom.  People will never forget the way Mrs. Nottger made them feel in her classroom.  

What do other teachers think about Mrs. Nottger?

What do our students say about Mrs. Nottger?


  1. When I had Mrs. Nottger, she helped my group of friends get through a typical middle school girl fight. At the time, it seemed major me and she cared about that. She took time out of her day, more than once, to meet with us. She chose to do this and I have always been grateful for that. I hope I can leave a lasting impression on my students, just like Mrs. Nottger did on me.

  2. Mrs. Nottger is a teacher that helped me find my passion for writing. She knew what I could achieve, and made sure I always tried my best. When I lost a friend, she was there to listen to my stories, she was there when I needed to talk or just a safe place to hide. She's always there when I need someone to talk to in the mornings, and there to tell me I need to come to school. She's always there when I need a laugh, and always there when I just need someone to tell me everything will be okay. I never questioned whether or not I was welcome in her room, she always made it clear she was there if you needed her. Thank you for everything that you've done, not only for me but every student you have ever had. Benton won't be the same without you, and I can't even begin to imagine how I could have made it through my high school career without coming to talk to you. We love you Mrs. Nottger! But I love you more! Your favorite student, Mrs. Van Daan.