Monday, May 4, 2015

Leaving a Legacy: Howard Conrad

For Teacher Appreciation Week, I thought it would be fitting to show my appreciation for just a few Benton Community teachers that have made a big impact on our school.  For years, Benton has been blessed with several great teachers.  This year, we find our school in a unique situation because we will be saying good-bye to 5 teachers that have spent over 181 years of combined service in education.  Each day this week, I will be highlighting a different teacher to share how they have impacted me personally, other teachers at our school, and most importantly our students.

Over the last several years, Benton Community students have been able to work with many outstanding teachers.  Each teacher brings their own personality and style of teaching that helps students in their learning.  Students in American History class believe that Mr. Howard Conrad brings the perfect combination of humor and hard work that make them want to achieve.  Each day in his class is "another day in paradise" that students bring their positive attitudes to help them get better.  Mr. Conrad sets expectations high for both his students in the classroom and his athletes in the gym or on the course.  It is this quality that I admire most about Mr. Conrad.

Master teachers are the teachers that seem to have it all.  They brings a unique quality that other teachers admire and try to emulate in their classroom.  Mr. Conrad is a master teacher that knows how to bring out the best in his students.  He is not afraid to set the bar high and challenges his students to become better than they think they can be.  He teaches them more than just history, he teaches them life lessons.  Lessons like working your hardest, never giving up, not taking things for granted, and always trying to be the best you can be.  These are the lessons of a Bobcat.  These are the qualities that Bobcats possess and what sets us apart from others.  Mr. Conrad holds all his students to the expectations of Bobcats.  He teaches them the "Bobcat Way" and asks them to pass it on to future generations of Bobcats.  It is this quality that I will miss most when Mr. Conrad walks out his classroom door for the final time this year.  The best way we can honor Mr. Conrad and his legacy to Benton Community is to #beaboBCat everyday.

What do other teachers think about Mr. Conrad?

What do our students say about Mr. Conrad?


  1. Could not have said this better myself. What an awesome man!

  2. Great post and video! Congrats on retirement!

  3. Howard, you have made such a difference in many young people's lives & that is what teaching & coaching is all about. You can leave & say mission accomplished! Enjoy your retirement - you deserve it!

  4. This is awesome! Mr. Conrad was one of my teachers and I'll never forget his classes. History was one of my least favorite subjects until I had Mr. Conrad as a teacher my sophomore and junior years. He always knew how to make us laugh, yet motivate us to learn. By the time I graduated, history was right up there with my favorite English classes.

    Mr. Conrad, you have inspired so many people over the years and touched so many lives. Congratulations on your retirement; you deserve it!