Thursday, May 7, 2015

Leaving a Legacy: Lois Deerberg

I have been so blessed to work with some great teachers at Benton Community.  Over the years, the staff has formed a bond that brings us together as a team.  Five members of our team will be retiring at the end of this school year.  They will be missed by staff, students, and myself.  Here is our tribute to their legacy!

Breaking the Scale:  A Total Six!

In education, some people believe it is all about the scale.  How do you measure the effectiveness of a teacher?  What scale do you use to judge the teachers you have had over the years?  If you value kindness, mixed with a high level of expectations, and an encouraging smile that tells you it's OK to take a chance, Mrs. Deerberg breaks the scale.  In her classroom, there was never a dull moment, never a time without some crazy story that would get you engaged, or a wacky phrase that she blurted out in class.  She always kept her students guessing, what will she do next?  She found a way to make learning crazy and fun!  She saw the person inside the students she taught.  She knew there was a little bit of SPARKLE inside everyone.  It was her job to bring that SPARKLE out!  

This year, I have had the unbelievable opportunity to work with Lois in her new role as instructional coach.  I always knew that Mrs. Deerberg was a great English teacher, but I never realized what an amazing mentor she could be.  This year, she has been my rock!  She has encouraged, challenged and nurtured me in our new roles.  She has helped me learn to question in a way that makes others want to do better.  She has helped me realize that everyone appreciates a heart-felt compliment and in education we don't do that enough.  She pushes me each day by asking, "What's holding you back?" or "What's your vision?"  She makes me believe that I have the potential to do anything.  She see the person inside the teachers she collaborates with and she makes them SPARKLE, just like her students.  She is so good at what she does, and she doesn't even realize it.  She breaks the instructional coach scale everyday and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her.  She will be missed by me and so many other teachers next year.  Thank you for leading the way this year, taking a chance on something new, and making everyone around you better in the process.  It's your turn to SPARKLE now.

What do other teachers think about Mrs. Deerberg?

What do our students say about Mrs. Deerberg?

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