Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Leaving a Legacy: Marty Thomae

 We have been blessed with many great teachers at Benton Community.  There are five special teachers retiring this year that in many ways define the values that our community holds dear.  For Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to take a moment to highlight these teachers and share the influence they have had on our students, staff, and myself.

A Lifetime of Learning

 At Benton Community our mission statement is "A quality education for a lifetime of learning".  There are many teachers at Benton that do their best to have this mission statement visible in their classrooms.  Mr. Marty Thomae is a teacher that lives this mission statement in his daily life.  As a teacher and a coach, Mr. Thomae is a lifetime learner.  He is always looking for new and different techniques to use both in his classroom or with his athletes.  He is constantly networking with other professionals to learn and grow.  Walking through the halls at Benton, you will find Mr. Thomae talking to students and staff, checking in to see what they know or how they feel.  Mr. Thomae is a Bobcat.   

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Thomae's influence stretches to the athletes he coaches.  His passion for running is undeniable.  He shares this love with his cross country and track athletes and inspires them to never give up.  He is a true motivator that preaches hard work, commitment, and dedication to the team.  This passion extends beyond the track and onto the field and court.  Mr. Thomae has been a basketball coach and a long time softball coach.  In late spring, you might catch Coach Thomae running from track practice to softball practice and putting in the extra hours to show his athletes what it means to be a member of a team.  No one works harder than Coach Thomae!  He works so hard, because he cares so much about the students and athletes he teaches.  He wants the quality of the education they receive to be the absolute best.  He does whatever it takes to make this happen.  On a Sunday afternoon, you might find Mr. Thomae up at the school planning for the week ahead.  He wants to be prepared to deliver on the promise, "A quality education for a lifetime of learning".

What do other teachers think about Mr. Thomae?  

What do our students say about Mr. Thomae?

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