Friday, May 8, 2015

Leaving a Legacy: Theresa Thompson

Over the last several years, I have enjoyed learning, celebrating, and growing with the amazing teachers at Benton Community.  At the end of this school year, we will be saying good-bye to 5 retiring teachers that are icons in our district.  Please enjoy these reflections from myself, staff and students.  Thanks for the memories!

Give Me Your Best

Do you remember the teacher that pushed you the most growing up?  The teacher that set the bar high and motivated you to sore beyond your expectations.  This teacher held you accountable and won't let you get by with good, when GREAT was possible.  This teacher saw something inside you that you didn't even know was there and found a way to bring it out in the classroom.  Mrs. Thompson is this teacher.  In 7th grade Language Arts, Mrs. Thompson challenges students to give her their best.  She is organized, prepared, and knows just how to help her students succeed.  Don't think Mrs. Thompson is all business!  She likes to have fun and isn't afraid to look a little silly to help students loosen up.  She strikes the perfect balance of humor and hard work in her classroom and students respond.

Mrs. Thompson's dedication to her students didn't use to end at the classroom door.  Earlier in her career, Coach Thompson helped students sore on the volleyball court and excel on the softball field.  It was here that I got to know Theresa the best.  Watching her coach is very similar to watching her teach.  She tells the students what she needs, she shows them how to do it, they set their goals, and she checks to see how they perform.  Just like on the volleyball court, if things don't go so well, she readjusts the game plan and you try again.  You are never alone when Mrs. Thompson is around.  Her kindness and compassion sets her apart.  She makes you smile, she lifts yours spirits, and she cares about you as a person, not just a co-worker or a student.  She wants for you to achieve your goals and she will do whatever it takes to help you get there.  The reason she makes students work so hard in her classroom is because she cares about her students more than they will ever know.

What do other teachers think about Mrs. Thompson?

What do our students say about Mrs. Thompson?

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