Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Model Teachers share technology learning

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Our group consisted of Erika Hass, Kim Lynch, Miranda Sonka, Mike Embretson, Carolyn Spading, Jen Bange, Julie Lindke, and Kim Fisher.  Members joined this team for different reasons.  Some felt very confident with technology implementation, some felt very uncomfortable with technology, some just wanted to lurk and find more resources.  With these different motivations, we tried to hit all angles and domains when looking at technology.  There are a multitude of apps/websites that were shared that we will not be addressing within this blog, so please reference Mike Embretson’s Google Doc HERE!
One take-away that we had this year during our conversations at Model Teacher meetings was to show others the importance and ease of blogging. Blogging can be open to so many different needs.  You can send messages, share pictures and videos of your classroom to parents digitally instead of paper copies. This gives an opportunity to reflect on your teaching, or you can brand your school by sharing your blog via different social media outlets. Blogging can be as complex or simple as you see fit.  Decide your audience, your purpose, and your commitment. Make it work for you!
Different blog sites that you could sign up for would be (but not limited to)
  • Blogger (this can be used mostly for teachers)
  • Edublogs (this can be used for teachers and/or students)
  • Kidblog (this can be used with student blogs)
We challenge you to set up your blog and make two entries by the end of the school year. (See the screencast below for directions on setting up a Blogger site.) This can be as simple as a few sentences to your parents about a specific lesson, upcoming dates, pictures/videos of what is going on in your class, or a reflection for yourself. If you would like to see how other people within @BentonCSD are blogging, check out this link! Feel free to see how they are using blogs and even ask them for help. If you are on Twitter, make sure and share your blog and attach the #BCBlogChallenge so we can follow and celebrate our progress.

Link to the screencast (please embed video on the blog) https://youtu.be/BgAYPM-bZLI
IMG_1270.JPGModel Teachers Technology learning

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