Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Do You Learn Best?

How do you learn best? 

When you have questions or learn something new -- how do you make sense and share your new insights?  

These are questions we ask as learners at Benton Community and we know EdCamps are a great way to tackle both of these questions.

According to the official EdCamp website:  

With the focus on teaching and learning and the premise of an unconference designed specifically for and by educators based on their needs, the #BCTLT and Benton Community School District planned and hosted a #BCedcamp focused on Teacher Leadership on 6/18/15.  

A huge thank you to a few people:

  • @ryanmwise for kicking off our day with a great message of "I use to think, but now I think!" and becoming an honorary "Bobcat" and @GZittergruen for being an active advocate of TL.
  • @BentonCSD for supporting our learning and event -- including our custodial staff who went above and beyond to insure we had space for the event that was cleaned and supplied:) 

We also want to thank the organizations that donated prizes for our #BCedcamp
We also want to thank the over 150 people from 25 school districts, 3 AEA's and the DE for participating in this day of learning.  Our #BCedcamp was a success and we are hoping to make this an annual event across the state -- stay tuned to for details on future events:) 

 Below are some pics from the day compliments of our Superintendent @GZittergruen.