Friday, October 21, 2016

Using survey data as the driver

Sometimes we know exactly what we are doing and other times we stumble into things that turn out to be really beneficial.

One of these really good things we stumbled into at Benton Community within our Teacher Leadership is surveying our staff every 30 days, asking for their feedback, and using this data as a driver for our district work.  

Below are screenshots for our beginning of the year and 30 day survey results.   Reviewing this information and then being able to use it with intention with our staff has been shown to have impact as to how we are making a difference in our student learning experience at Benton Community.   

We've asked this question to gauge how receptive people are to our Instructional Coaches visiting teachers during instruction and planning time.

We've asked this question to gauge how receptive teachers are to this type of support within our District.

We use this information to approach our coaching conversations.

We moved from Model Teachers to Data Team Leaders this year.  We use this data to help determine where we are in learning the data team process.

We use this information to help partner with our supports (including our AEA partners) to determine our next steps. 

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